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Why I Love Stelena


Anon asked: I really love your Olicity metas,they are always so profound and amazingly written,you make me fall in love with Olicity even more if that’s possible! Now, I’m a huge Delena fan (don’t worry, I come in peace;) ), but I totally agree that the show hasn’t been at its best in s5, to say the least… However, my questions go back to the roots of Stelena, because I’m truly curious: doesn’t bother you that they didn’t get a longer build-up? And what made you ship Stelena (aside from disliking Delena)?

Oh!! That makes me soooo happy. Nothing pleases me more than when my posts help you enjoy Arrow more or love Olicity more.  YIPPEE!!

And I LOVE hearing from Delena fans. No seriously. There is absolutely no reason why we can’t converse in peace. At the end of the day - we are all Vampire Diaries fans right? Yes, we totally agree- the show has slacked off in the later years. It frustrates me because this is Delena’s “time” and you guys deserve better than the shitty writing you are getting.

That’s a really interesting question about Stelena. You are right. They didn’t have much build up. It was 1x10 that they slept together and they were pretty much together until the end of S2…with of course that tortuous break up in 2x06.  You know, it didn’t really bother me. I get why fans love the slow build. I am LOVING it with Olicity.  However, I think there are couples where a slow build is necessary and there are couples where a slow build is not. Whatever serves the story better is what matters. To me, Stelena was one of those couples where a slow build wasn’t necessary.

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Wow. Just, wow.

I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy

because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless

and they don’t want anyone else to feel like that.

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Anonymous asked: JP (and the actors too) are always spilling bs. I barely care for what they say, just wish they were asked better questions dammit. Nobody ever asks what I wanna know. Like 'is there still hope for SE?' is such a dumb question because she'll always give the same diplomatic answer. Nobody ever puts her on the spot with an interesting question. There's such discrepancy on what we see on the show and what JP sells in interviews that I don't know what story she is really trying to tell.


Oh, I so agree with you. The only thing is, I honestly think Julie absolutely without a doubt believes that we are watching the story she is watching. There is no discrepancy in her mind. That’s why with that one particular question on twitter, that was specifically asking her (and forgive me, I’m paraphrasing) what had happened to Elena’s self respect and integrity? Why would she be with a guy who only mistreats absolutely everyone around them, including her brother. And Julie’s answer was only: You want her to be with Stefan don’t you? I get it, believe me. We’re just not at that part of the story yet.

The question had absolutely nothing to do with Stefan and Elena’s relationship and yet Julie automatically just assumed that’s what the person wanted to know. She thinks it’s apart of the story that she’s telling. That Elena’s making bad choices and choosing Damon and losing her integrity isn’t anything to be troubled about because you know what? That’s part of the story too. It’s just her way of thinking. A lot of us watch with very different eyes unfortunately.

This. I think there’s a very large divide between the story that the writers think they are telling and the story that the fans are seeing. This is why fans are so angry and this is why TVD will keep losing viewers. There’s really no point in trying to make sense of the story any more because it will not match up to what the writers are thinking.

Good day, Class! Today we shall be discussing the term “bae”. “Bae” is a vocalisation used by three types of organisms, listed below:

1. Danish human beings. In Danish, the word “bæ” means “shit”.
2. Sheep. In sheep language, the word commonly translates as “I’m hungry” or “I’m horny” or “Get out of my field.”
3. English-speaking human beings who are too lazy to pronounce the ‘b’ in “Babe”. “Bae” is not an abbreviation for “Before Anyone Else”. This is an excuse used by said lazy people.

Today’s homework for you all is to practise using the word “Babe”.

Class dismissed!



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Only a shred left….

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