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Good day, Class! Today we shall be discussing the term “bae”. “Bae” is a vocalisation used by three types of organisms, listed below:

1. Danish human beings. In Danish, the word “bæ” means “shit”.
2. Sheep. In sheep language, the word commonly translates as “I’m hungry” or “I’m horny” or “Get out of my field.”
3. English-speaking human beings who are too lazy to pronounce the ‘b’ in “Babe”. “Bae” is not an abbreviation for “Before Anyone Else”. This is an excuse used by said lazy people.

Today’s homework for you all is to practise using the word “Babe”.

Class dismissed!



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Only a shred left….

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Rally for Maggie

To friends and fans of @paulwesley, please take a moment to read and RT this… Yesterday I received terrible news. For a long time I have known it would happen, but had not been prepared. Someone I love very dearly lost her battle with a brain tumour. Her name was Sue. I have been in tears for the 24 hours following. I checked my Twitter, looking for a distraction and, just one day following the death of Sue, I see that a friend of Paul’s has been diagnosed with the same condition and needs help to cover the bills for her operation.

Sue couldn’t have an operation for her tumour. But Maggie can - if she can pay for it. We have a chance to help save someone’s life, and help save those who love her from a terrible grief. I am donating £5 (I’m British). It’s all I can do. At the moment I’m financially supporting my Mother, I have debts and of course, I have to feed my doofus of a dog. But I want to help. I have felt nothing but a terrible sadness for the past 24 hours and now I feel empty. I do not want Maggie and her friends and family to have to shed these tears that I can’t stop from spilling.

Any amount helps. Paul has 3 million followers. We only need 15,000 of those followers to donate just a dollar. Please, let’s help. Any amount, no matter how small, makes a difference, not just to Maggie, but to all those who love her. We can save a life. Donate here:

Stefan: It was a spell, showing us what we wanted to see.
Elena: We weren’t vampires, my parents were still alive. It was a fantasy, like a movie. It was the life that we never could have had.

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Shamelessly obsessed with him unbuttoning her trousers.

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